Recommended Edinburgh and Glasgow Companies

Companies we Love in Edinburgh and Glasgow

Over the years we have worked with or know of others who have worked with many top notch companies and we thought it would be nice to share some of the names so that you might gain benefits from them too. After all, it’s nice to be nice.

Millennial Executive Coaching

We met what we might call the Best Business Coach in Edinburgh around 3 years ago, and at the time we were a bit sceptical about what the company could do for us. But they came in and did a Free session, giving us some great ideas in the process. A month or so later we engaged them to do monthly skype chats with us to help us focus on and prepare our business plan for the year ahead. The experience was fantastic for all members of our team. We saw communication improve, absences fall, and the business flourished in what has been a difficult few years for the economy. Millennial Executive Coaching, gave us the tools to go it alone in between our sessions, which latterly have turned into more conversational executive coaching (we all have periods of doubt I guess). Whatever we have worked on, the point is they did us proud, and I can’t thank them enough for the advice and dedication they showed the company. So if you are looking for a Business Coach in Edinburgh or Glasgow I would heartily recommend Millex, and the first session is free so you have nothing to lose.

ACE Business Supplies

We had been with another local Stationery supplier for as long as we can remember, but as time went on we just felt we weren’t their number one priority anymore. Our prices were creeping up and before long those amazing prices we got at the start were exactly the same as the standard prices we could get from Staples, so guess what, we started buying from Staples. Then one day we got a flyer through our door from ACE Business Supplies who claimed they could save us 20% on our supplies and lock those prices in for 3 years. Not having any connection with Staples we decided to give them a try. First for the little things like paper and toner, but then we needed some new furniture and we thought they would never be able to compete on price… Needless to say, they did, and then some. We then found out that they do promotional items and work wear, you may have seen our drivers wearing high quality embroidered jackets and custom printed high visibility vests. Well, they all came from ACE Business Supplies, who had told us we would be able to buy absolutely anything from them but it took us a while to realise. So to save you time we are telling you all about it, ACE Business Supplies Could be you 1 Stop Business Supplies Company in Edinburgh or Glasgow (they service the whole of the UK it’s worth noting). Give them a call, they are really helpful and I guarantee they will give you a better deal than you currently get from your supplier.

Kelpie Media

Disclosure – Kelpie Media Designed our website. And we are really pleased with it. We didn’t have a huge budget, but we knew the elements we wanted and they tailored the design to fit. Not only that they provided amazing SEO services that saw our site hit page 1 on Google for many of our chosen terms. Apparently, they do a lot of other things too (all too complicated for us), but if Animation, Video Production or Pay Per Click advertising is for you then this amazing Digital Marketing Company in Glasgow is going to help. Give them a call the next time your business is looking to promote itself online. We did and the results speak for themselves.